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About us

SmartStylez has set itself the goal to include only first-class and high quality products in its range. Below is an overview of various exclusive materials used in the manufacture of our products. A size chart for a better orientation in our online shop, we provide you here.


Emana® is a revolutionary development that makes it possible for the first time to produce bioactive garments, providing a novel feel through skin-tissue interaction. Emana® is a smart yarn with far-infrared technology. It absorbs body heat, radiating far-infrared rays back to the skin, promoting the micro-blood circulation. Emana® improves the performance of athletes by reducing muscle fatigue through lower oxygen consumption and faster recovery. Emana® is certified to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (1st class) and has been proven to contain no harmful substances.


SUPPLEX® textiles offer customers the mix of cotton combined with the advantages of modern fiber technology. The natural structure and look of cotton make it the material of choice in many clothing categories. Cotton garments tend to wrinkle, come in easily, and their colors often fade. To give consumers the benefits of cotton without its drawbacks, SUPPLEX® textiles combine the traditional look of natural cotton with the performance advantages of modern fiber technology. SUPPLEX® textiles are breathable, dimensionally stable, dry faster than cotton and their colors do not fade.